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API Endpoint

All calls should be directed towards https://whatsmyip.com/api
These are the parameters you can include:

  • ip - the ip you wish to lookup
  • format - output formating, possible options: json, xml, csv
  • map - generates google maps url, your google key is the property value, example: AIzaSyCGz8WzqxQw1OaHWey3LCTjqKFG9feCxP4

Standard API Call

API Call including google maps

API Call with XML response

API Response including google maps

 ip_from: "65471232",
 ip_to: "65891071",
 country_code: "US",
 country_name: "United States of America",
 region_name: "Virginia",
 city_name: "Ashburn",
 latitude: "39.039474",
 longitude: "-77.491809",
 zip_code: "20146",
 time_zone: "-05:00",
 city: "Ashburn",
 map: "https://maps.google.com/maps?q=39.039474,-77.491809&hl=es;z=14&output=embed&key=",
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    Free for non-commercial use

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