Delete new and Historical WHOIS records

Delete whois history

Our service lists public information; WHOIS information. IPs, nameservers and much more are all public information which is easily accessible by just typing "whois" in the shell. But we understand and respect your privacy and wishes to get delisted, and for that we have developed a small tool which makes it possible to get all your details deleted quickly.

Add parameter on webpage

To get deleted just add "delete-whois-whatsmyip" somewhere on your index/frontpage. you could for example add it in the footer and comment it out. Like this:
<!-- delete-whois-whatsmyip -->

In the end of the page. After doing so just type your domain name in the inputfield below and we will spider your site trying to find your record. If we find it then we will stop showing your whois/history and delete current records. After doing this you can remove the tag if you wish.

Delete records

After adding the Delete tag; write your domain name below, without www.

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WHOIS History

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