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Domain ID: PANDI-DO5601423
Domain Name: ideal.my.id
Created On: 2021-06-15 05:09:06
Last Updated On: 2022-07-18 00:09:07
Expiration Date: 2022-06-15 00:09:06
Status: pendingDelete
Status: redemptionPeriod
Sponsoring Registrar Organization: PT DEWABISNIS DIGITAL INDONESIA
Sponsoring Registrar URL: www.depa.id
Sponsoring Registrar Street: Ruko Sentra Kota Blk. F2 No 25 Jatibening Baru, Kec. Pondokgede
Sponsoring Registrar City: Kota Bekasi
Sponsoring Registrar State/Province: Jawa Barat
Sponsoring Registrar Postal Code: 17412
Sponsoring Registrar Country: ID
Sponsoring Registrar Phone: +6285215222259
Sponsoring Registrar Email: regi***@depa.id
Name Server: freedns1.registrar-servers.com
Name Server: freedns2.registrar-servers.com
Name Server: freedns3.registrar-servers.com
Name Server: freedns4.registrar-servers.com
Name Server: freedns5.registrar-servers.com
DNSSEC: Unsigned
Abuse Domain Report https://pandi.id/domain-abuse-form/?lang=en

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